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Recently new regulations have come into force which impose a duty on blind manufacturers and fitters to only produce and fit blinds that comply with required safety standards. This is a link to the relevant brochure explaining the requirements All blinds fitted by Impact and other  professional blind manufacturers and fitters comply with the law. […]

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Wood Venetian Blinds


Wood Venetian Blinds are both decorative and practical combining an attractive appearance with a simple operating system. Wood Venetian Blinds provide you with shading from the sun and privacy whilst still letting in light and giving you a view out. At Impact we have a wide range of colours and woodgrains available in 25mm, 35mm […]

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Poles and Tracks in Bays

Image from Silent Gliss

We are often asked about fitting poles and tracks in bays. This can be a tricky job for someone to do themselves even if they have the necessary skills. Not many people realise, for instance that if the sill in the bay is let’s say 6”/150mm deep then the pole or track should be set […]

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WAVE Heading for Curtains


Historically the most popular heading for curtains has been pencil pleat tape. This is easy to sew on and use and is also economical. Curtains with pencil pleat headings can be used on both tracks and poles. More recently eyelet curtains, which can only be used on poles, have become very popular. Other styles of […]

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