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We are often asked about fitting poles and tracks in bays. This can be a tricky job for someone to do themselves even if they have the necessary skills. Not many people realise, for instance that if the sill in the bay is let’s say 6”/150mm deep then the pole or track should be set away from the window frame at least the same distance. This means either very long extension brackets or fitting to the ceiling or fitting a board with the track mounted underneath. A further complication may be that the ceiling of the bay is directly above the frame of the windows with no space between. This means that the curtains may not cover the window frame at the top which is not an attractive look.

Whilst a track round a bay can be fitted with as many brackets as are required, a pole taking either eyelet or tape headed curtains can be a problem as more than three brackets will be required and the curtains cannot normally pass the brackets. “C” rings are often put forward as a solution to this problem but it can still be awkward to pull the curtains round the curves or angles of a bay pole.

So, it looks complicated but the good news is that as our fitters have seen it all before and can usually come up with a solution. Please give us a call, our advice is free and there is no obligation 01482 569990

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