Shutters are attractive and practical; they suit modern and traditional homes equally.

They look beautiful and add value to your home.

Features include privacy, light control, sound and draught proofing whilst also making a laid back style statement. You have a choice of contemporary styles, colours and woodgrains. You can choose the slat width, control method and fittings to suit your decor and style.


Shutters are ideal for customers wanting privacy without sacrificing daylight. Louvres can be angled according to the sun’s position, and when shut; are a great way to keep out prying eyes and therefore a good security option. Perfect if your house is on a busy street.


Shutters send out a very strong style statement emphasising contemporary good taste.


Shutters are the definitive way to control light, allowing you to effectively close off the window and then filter the light in as you choose. Depending on the type of shutter you go for, you can actually operate the top half independently from the bottom half. This provides even better light control, as well as a fantastic look.


As well as filtering the light and maintaining privacy, shutters can also help to reduce noise and they can also help you save on your fuel bills as they provide further insulation.


Unlike many home improvements, reports have consistently shown that homebuyers value shutters
as an attractive feature when considering the purchase of a new home. Shutters also have a positive effect on house prices.


What different types of shutter are there?


Cover the bottom part of the window to give you privacy but still let lots of light in.


Two sets of panels, one on top of the other that operate independently of each other to give
you total control of light and privacy, surprisingly costing no more than full height shutters.


Full height panels cover the whole window. Quite often full height shutters will have a divider rail so you can operate the slats above and below it independently to control the light according to your needs


Rather than fitting shutters in the usual manner with frames and hinges, these shutters slide on a track. They concertina back and are very practical for wide window, patios and French doors.


Our shutters can be made in a wide variety of shapes including Half Round Sunburst, Elongated Eyebrow, Sunburst Eyebrow Sunburst, Quarter Round, Circle, Triangle , Hexagon, and Octagon


Many period properties have beautiful original windows that look gorgeous but can be awkward shapes and sizes. Opting for bespoke shutters, which can be made to fit windows of any shape and size, is a good way to accentuate and draw attention to lovely features.


Our shutters are available in a choice of materials, stains, finishes, gloss levels, slat sizes & even contemporary paint finishes you can colour match to Farrow and Ball and Dulux

Shutters are available in a choice of up to five different slat sizes (47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, and 114mm). It’s worth bearing in mind that the width needs to reflect the proportions of both the window and the room so wider louvres work best on larger windows in larger rooms. They also tend to give a more contemporary look and will let in more light and give a better view. Our 76mm slat is fast becoming the most popular width choice as it tends to work well in the majority of room sizes.


Why have shutters professionally fitted?

In the USA, where these products originated, shutters are fitted to timber frame buildings and window surrounds which, by and large, are square. The UK’s housing stock does not have these properties, window openings rarely have the same width over the entire height and sills are not normally perfectly level.

Impact fit shutters and frames that have been specifically designed for UK conditions. Shutters are fitted to frames and the frames are fitted to where the shutters are going to hang. It is never advisable to hang shutters directly off the existing structures, such as deep window frames or door surrounds because it is the frame which is altered to get opposing shutters to meet perfectly and to hang straight.

All our shutters are expertly made and fitted by craftsmen with years of experience.

Where Are Shutters Fitted?

Here in the UK we have 2 basic types of windows, casement and sash.

Older Sash Windows are normally fitted nearly flush with the inside walls, making them perfect for shutters as the shutters will fold back against the walls when open and can be fitted to the sash box section that hides the weights. Newer UVPC sash windows can be tricky to fit to especially if they are the tilt turn variety.

Casement Windows, which appeared mainly after 1925, open outwards and are fitted on the outside of the house with a window sill, normally of about 8 inches, 200mm. In these cases we try to fit as close the window as possible, avoiding handles hitting louver blades of course, and opening perpendicular, normally protruding into the room about as much as a radiator would. If you want the shutters to fold back against the walls then you need to fit flush with the opening and we have a Z frame which fits around the corner of the reveal that makes this an easy and good looking option.

Patio Door and Partitions with wide openings over 2.5M usually will use a track at the top suspending the shutters, for wider opening there may also be a bottom track to guide the shutters and keep them firmly in position. Tracked shutters can span very wide openings; some in excess of 8M have been achieved successfully.

Glass Roof, Conservatory and Velux style windows are all common openings for shutters. We use special frames and bolts specifically for hanging shutter panels in near and totally horizontal positions. We also have remote control options for louver tilt control for those hard to reach places.

All our shutters are expertly made and fitted by craftsmen with years of experience.



The best wooden shutters there are
Cedar Shutters are generally acknowledged as the best wooden shutters there are and our shutters are no exception.
Made from Western Red Cedar, Cedar wood Shutters are available in painted, lacquered or oiled finishes.
The “oiled” finish option provides the most natural appearance of any shutter available and are the natural choice for barns and warehouse conversions.

Main benefits:
• Natural Oiled Finish, very matt in appearance
• Very light, good for conservatory roof shutters installations
• Elegant fine grain shows through paint finish with slight ripple effect
• Will last as long as your house will (probably!)
• Great in humid conditions, can even be used outside


A natural timber feel

The Phoenix Shutter is made in a very light, grainy timber offering a superb character look stained and paint finished.
It’s is ideal on very wide openings where tracking is not desired. It is also used for conservatory roof shutters.
It is also our most eco timber as its grown to full height in only 8 years and harvested like wheat.
It is grown to make shutters thereby locking up carbon better than the Kyoto treaty does.

Main benefits:
• Very light, idea for conservatory roof shutters
• Very real character and rich colours when stained
• Good for very large partitions and openings where tracking is not desirable
• When paint finished has good texture


Durable and low cost shutters
The Seattle MDF Shutters are engineered with an LVL core, LDF outer body and polymer coated in a choice of Five white extremely durable finishes.
For very low priced plantation shutters MDF is the most popular choice, it is mainly purchased for its budget price but premium looks.
Maintenance free and very strong, with a wipe clean surface. Impervious to kids with crayons it is also the interior designer’s contemporary choice.

Main benefits:
• Very Durable Shutters
• Very low cost Shutters
• Hard to tell apart from plantation shutters costing twice as much
• Window shutters that never need repainting


High quality but low price
The Boston Basswood Shutters Range is crafted from solid basswood.
Basswood is a very competitively priced hardwood and popular material for shutters.
All shutter stiles have mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability.
We have kept the price low by offering limited options and colours and by using MDF frames

Main benefits:
• Low priced, high quality
• Tough but feels really good when clicking open and shut
• Best value wood shutters on the UK market


Especially for bathrooms, ensuite and pools
Our New Bathroom Shutter is NOW available. Constructed from ABS with a Matt finish and reinforced style this range is ideal for harsh environments.
Suitable for bathrooms and wet damp areas this tough but elegant shutter range will look at home in any situation.

• 100% Waterproof
• Hardwearing and robust
• Colour range of 6 White


Technically superb, aesthetically perfect
The Georgia is an engineered multi material solid painted tough low cost shutter.
The stile and rails are made with a strong laminated timber core, wrapped in MDF and coated in an etched plastic.
The louvres are extruded ABS (The same tough plastic electric kettles are made from) and are very strong allowing for extra widths not possible with Timber or MDF.
The whole shutter and frame (MDF) is then paint finished in a choice of 28 colours.

Main Benefits
• 915mm Maximum Single Panel Width
• 620mm Bi Fold and 3 from hinge Tier on Tier OK
• Farrow &Ball Colours in a low cost shutter
• Looks as good as wood but is stronger


Economical with shorter deliver times.

As wood and MDF shutters are manufactured abroad the delivery times can be rather protracted.UPVC shutters are manufactured in the UK and so are available much more quickly.At one time UPVC shutters might have been thought of as a lower quality version of wood shutters
but now the quality is equal to that of other materials and has the same advantages as UPVC windows i.e. durability and zero maintenance whilst being very cost effective with short delivery times.



Apart from looking great, conservatory shutters offer a degree of flexibility that is simply not possible with most other shading options.
Unlike fabric-based shading systems, shutters are easy to clean and will not rot, sag or noticeably age.

Shutters may also be used on the sides – for long sections they can be mounted on top tracking to slide away when not in use. Shutters are also used for partitioning and as multi-fold internal doors.Quite often the opening to the conservatory may have shutters suspended on a top track.The solid base and louvre top shutters are used extensively for these applications.

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