Historically the most popular heading for curtains has been pencil pleat tape. This is easy to sew on and use and is also economical. Curtains with pencil pleat headings can be used on both tracks and poles. More recently eyelet curtains, which can only be used on poles, have become very popular. Other styles of heading include pinch pleat, goblet heading and tab tops.

A new style that you may not have seen before is becoming increasingly popular. This is an unpleated heading, frequently described as wave heading that hangs under a pole or track incorporating a special system within which the gliders are connected internally with cords. This results in a regular pleat with no bunching giving a very smart modern appearance. It is effectively an eyelet curtain without the eyelets! We specialise in this type of heading so if you would like more information please call us on 01482 569990.

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